Valais through Rilke’s eyes


Gallery 1

A Sketch of Valais
Setting the Scene
Strange Magic – External Equivalents – Biblical Views
Checquered Hills – Majestic Mountains – The River Rhone
Painting as Catalyst
The Square in Sion
Valais Culture
Louis de Courten – Where are the Artists?
De Courten’s View of Society
Rural Poverty – Women’s Roles – Religion

Gallery 2

Rilke’s Affinity for Towers
Discovery of Muzot
Rilke’s Muzot Descriptions
Rilke’s Life at Muzot
“Like putting on heavy armour…”
Historical Reconnaissance
On the Trail of the Past
Muzot, Sierre, and the Surrounding Area

Gallery 3

Winter of the Elegies
An Inner Retrospective
The Duino Elegies
A Storm from Heart and Soul
The Sonnets to Orpheus
In the Presence of Glory
“They nourished it, not with feed…”
Letter to a Young Poet
From the “Letter to a Young Poet”
“One day I read Valéry”
Rilke as Translator

Gallery 4

Nature Poetry
Early Spring
The French Poems
Orchards (Vergers)
The Valais Poems (Les Quatrains Valaisans)
Roses (Les Roses)
Windows (Les Fenêtres)
What Windows Convey
Fine Art at Muzot
The Herdsmen’s Cow (Die Kuh des Hirten)
Sophie Giauque
Valais Through Rilke’s Eyes
Walking Tours

Gallery 5

Rilke’s Final Illness & Death