Online Rilke resources

International Rilke Society (Internationale Rilke-Gesellschaft). Annual meetings held mostly at European Rilke sites. Journal Blätter der Rilke-Gesellschaft. Discussion board.
Concordance of the published letters at Founded by Ferenc Szász, continued by Rätus Luck, and currently maintained by Peter Oberthür.

Extensive selection of poems, letters, and texts in prose at Bibliographic references and events’ listings. Discussion board. Links.

Swiss Literary Archives (SLA – Schweizerische Literaturarchiv). Important Rilke archive in Bern that houses many original letters, photos, and other documents.

German Literary Archives (DLA – Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach). Archive owns significant portion of Rilke’s literary estate (manuscripts, letter exchanges, etc.).

Martin Bodmer Foundation, Cologny. The collection houses, among other things, the letters Rilke exchanged with Baladine Klossowska, who was the mother of Balthus and Pierre Klossowski.

The village of Raron(Gemeinde Raron)

Natural Reserve Pfyn-Finges