Library and archive

The Rilke Foundation’s library includes over 15, 750 books and academic articles. The catalogue, entitled “Books and Articles,” is available online.

Database of Rilke’s Letters

In this database you will find a nearly exhaustive collection of all of Rilke’s letters that have been printed to date, whether these appeared in book form or in newspapers, dissertations, auction catalogues, etc. French translations of the letters, where they exist, have been digitalized and are presented side-by-side with the original documents. Currently, the database includes more than 32,000 pages. It is supplemented on an ongoing basis through the letters’ index managed by Peter Oberthür. Due to copyright law, the letters’ database is only available onsite and cannot be accessed online.

Newspaper clipping Collection

The newspaper clippings collected by Dr. Karl Klutz are a unique trove which, in its totality, provides an overview of the twentieth century’s reception of Rilke insofar as it is manifested in newspapers and journals. 6,500 newspaper clippings were digitalized in 2015. The clippings are housed in the databases as both images and text. Searchable versions of the texts are available onsite.
Due to copyright law, the databank is only available onsite and is not accessible online at this time.

Musical scores

The Sperling-Theis Collection contains several hundred scores of pieces inspired by Rilke’s work. The catalogue for this collection will be accessible online soon.

Schenkung 1975, Zeitungsartikel
Archiv 1956