Temporary exhibits

In addition to the permanent exhibit, the Rilke Foundation features temporary exhibits at regular intervals that address specific themes from Rilke’s life and work. Held mainly at the de Courten House, exhibits often relate themes from Rilke’s work to trips, periods of residence, and influential meetings undertaken and experienced by the poet. Additional exhibits feature fine art inspired by Rilke and his poetry.

Temporary exhibits are accompanied as a rule by a publication or a bilingual (French/German) exhibition catalogue.

Temporary exhibits

1987 – Itinéraires convergents: Rilke et Kassner / Rilke und Kassner *
(Converging Itineraries: Rilke and Kassner)
1988 – Les Quatrains Valaisans. Entstehung und Widerhall eines Walliser Zyklus *
(The Valais Poems. Evolution and Echo of a Cycle from Valais)
Stefan Zweig: Leben und Werk im Bild und in Büchern
(Stefan Zweig: Life and Work in Image and Books)
1989 – Hommage à S. Corinna Bille 1979-1989: Mon Rêve a su, mon Oeil a vu / Wissend mein Traum, sehend mein Auge *
(Tribute to S. Corinna Bille (1979-1989): My dream has known, my eye has seen)
1992/93 – Le Ciel renversé / Cerul răsturnat: Rilke illustré par le peintre roumain Vasile Baboe *
(Sky Overturned / Cerul răsturnat: Rilke Pictured by the Romanian Painter Vasile Baboe)
1994 – Le monde enchanté de Corinna Bille et de Robert Hainard
(The Charmed World of Corinna Bille and Robert Hainard)
1997 – Rilke & Rodin: Paris 1902-1913 *
(Rilke & Rodin: Paris 1902-1913)
2000 – «Le pur espace et la saison». Rilke en Valais / Rilke im Wallis 1921-1926
(“Like pure space / and season.” Rilke in Valais 1921-1926)
2003 – Rilke et l’Egypte – Rilke und Ägypten * (mit Gemälden von Carl August et Carl Walter Liner)
(Rilke and Egypt – With paintings by Carl August Liner and Carl Walter Liner)
2006 – Amitiés russes / Russische Freundschaften: Rilke – Zwetajewa – Pasternak *
(Russian Friendships: Rilke – Zwetajewa – Pasternak)
2009 – Rilke: Les jours d’Italie / Die italienischen Tage *
(Rilke: Days in Italy)
2016 – Rund um den Turm, Festival Rilke, Festival Rilke
2018 – in Mase : letters from Rainer Maria Rilke to Nanny Wunderly Volkart

Show-cases/displays (Vitrinen): temporary exhibits

2015 – New Acquisition: “La Terre Valaisanne,” by Louis de Courten, inscribed by Rilke
2015 – Newspaper articles from our collection digitalised in 2015
2016 – Rilke and Baladine Klossowska : portraits and correspondance
2017 – Winter (poetry and correspondance)
2017 – Correspondance between Rainer Maria Rilke and Marietta de Courten
2018 – Portuguese letters: the letters of Marianna Alcoforado
2018 – In Raron : Wind (poetry and rare editions)
2018 – Vergers („Orchards“)
2019 – Engraving Ernst Georg Rüegg (Muzot, 1921)

Permanent exhibition

2011 – Le Valais vu par Rilke / Das Wallis, gesehen von Rilke
(Valais through Rilke’s Eyes)

Art exhibition/installation inspired by Rilke

1991 – Antje Tesche-Mentzen
1996 – Friedel Peisert
1996 – Pierre Loye
1999 – Bernadette Duchoud
2000 – Peter Wullimann

Photography exhibits with rilkian themes

2001 – Le Paris de Rilke: Agnès Bonnot
(Rilke’s Paris: Agnès Bonnot)
2003 – Lehnert & Landrock, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne
(Lehnert & Landrock, in collaboration with the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne)
2006 – Die letzten Tage der Romanows, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne und den Caves de Courten in Sierre
(The Romanovs’ Final Days, in collaboration with the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne and the Caves de Courten in Sierre)

* Exhibition resulted in a publication.

Flyer der Ausstellung Die italienischen Tage, 2009
Plakat des Rilkefestivals 2006
Plakat der Ausstellung Annäherungen / Rilke und Kassner, 1987